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                      Some mobile users sent us lots of messages asking about "how to copy YouTube video URL from YouTube mobile apps?". Yes, we know it is slightly difficult to copy a video URL from the YouTube apps. Therefore we found a solution to implement a YouTube video search engine.

                      This YouTube video search engine is very easy to handle. You just have to enter a keyword in the search text field. After pressing the search button, you will be able to see searched videos in our search result page. Now you can download any videos much easier than before. Always use following steps to download youtube videos.

                      Step 1(Try normal method) Just find the URL of the youtube video that you want to download. After finding the video URL, paste the URL in our YouTube video downloader's download text field and hit the download button.

                      Step 2(No URL to find the exact video) If you don't have a video URL to a YouTube video, it’s not a problem for us. You can enter a keyword in the search field. As an example, enter "4K movie trailers" keyword in the search field and hit the search button to see all the available video results for the keyword. Then select your desired video and hit the download button.

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